Tour-lava is a Copenhagen based clothing brand founded in 2021 by friends Sofie Ken and Kathrine Maron. The idea behind Tour-lava originated from a common predilection for the past and especially the colorful, quirky and fun universe of the 70s and 80s.
The main inspiration is the vintage aesthetic reflecting in the color combinations, different textures, and the focus on craftmanship and quality of each design.

Instead of working with seasonal collections, Tour-lava operates with smaller drops launching continuously over the year - this emphasizes on quality rather than quantity and as a means to limit excess. All designs are produced in Europe by skilled and passionate manufacturers.

Playful, adventurous and happiness are keywords describing the Tour-lava universe and the brand addresses any woman loving colors, having fun while getting dressed and wanting to express herself through personal style and differentiate from the rest.

Care Bubble

Before washing the Bubble pant, please turn the pant inside out to protect the fabric, threads and details. Wash by 30 degrees. Don’t tumble dry or bleach.

After every second use, we recommend that you put your garment in a bag and freeze it for 24-48 hours instead of washing to give it a longer life time.